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Ambush Alpha Kydex Sheath Options

We cover the many different options that are available for the Ambush Alpha knife. The sheath is able to mount two different sized pouches; firesteel holders; or a large Tek-Lok. The pouches allow an easy way to include a fire starting kit, fire tinder, a second knife, or just about anything else you may need

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10 Questions with Pete Winkler of Cross Knives

Today, we sit down with Pete Winkler owner and knife maker at Cross Knives.  Having known Pete for over 18 years I can tell you Pete is a perfectionist and a man of great integrity.  Combine Pete’s love for hunting, fishing, camping and all things outdoor related and you have a pretty good combination if

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Medford Praetorian Overview

We go over what you get when purchasing a Medford Praetorian, the specs, how to one hand open the knife, as well as the sharpness, and in hand feel.

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