Engraved Groomsmen Knives

This post has been written from the individual perspectives of each male employee at DLT Trading

Paul –

The best groomsmen gift I have ever received was a Kershaw Skyline. This is the knife that started my personal interest in knives, and it started a growing collection. Many men will go through life and be part of a wedding party at some point; most often times an engraved flask, pint glass, or mug will be the typical gift. If you stop and think about it though – how many times will this gift be used?  It might be useful at the rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception if you are lucky enough to remember it from the night before. After those two days it will typically sit on a shelf or in a cupboard somewhere never to be used again. That’s what happened to my gifts and numerous friends of mine who have received these types of gifts.

Now, let’s switch gears and think about useful gifts that groomsmen can use for years to come. It won’t always be a traditional pocket knife, but could be a Swiss Army knife or a nice hunting knife. During my tenure at DLT Trading, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with many grooms and brides looking for the perfect gift for the friends that they have included in their special day. Everyone’s tastes and needs are different, but I’ve always been able to help pick out what fits their needs.

Some of the most common engraved groomsmen knives we sell include the Buck 110, Buck 327, and Victorinox Spartan Hardwood. These are all affordable options that aren’t going to break the bank to an already expensive day. Each fits a different need as well. The 110 is a popular option for outdoorsy men who are looking for a good all around knife for everyday tasks as well as hunting applications. The 327 is a nice everyday carry size, with a pocket clip, that engraves beautifully on the metal handle. The Swiss Army Spartan is something that most people can throw into a backpack, glove box, or pocket that has enough tools to get many jobs done, but isn’t too bulky that it will never be carried.


As a happily married man, I was once faced with the task of buying groomsman’s gifts for my wedding. I did some thinking and asked myself, what have I received that I really liked? A good friend had given me a pocket knife for being in his wedding, why not do the same? While the knife I was given was a bit thick and bulky, I found it very handy. This was the first knife I carried with me. With that in mind, I sought out a pocket knife that was thin, had a good blade size for everyday carry, and was affordable. What I found was the Kershaw Skyline. All of the men in my wedding party loved these knives! What stood out to everyone was how sharp they were. Like many of the kershaw knives, they were like razors out of the box.

What I love about Kershaw’s line of knives is the great balance between quality and price. You know after handling many of their knives that you are getting a great value. I chose the Skyline but the Cryo, Scallion, Leek, and Burst are great options too. Each knife has their own benefits and they all engrave beautifully. You’re sure to hit a homerun with your groomsmen by giving them a knife they can use.

Jason –

Having been in more than a few wedding parties the gifts I have been given have largely left me wanting more.  I have been given a flask.  I don’t drink liquor and even if I did I am not sure I would carry a flask.  I have been given a cigar cutter.  I do not smoke.  I have been given a golf putter.  I don’t golf.  I have been given a few beer mugs and pewter steins.  Yes, I do drink beer but cannot think of the last time I have used or seen any of these beverage containers.  But then one year I was in my friend’s wedding party and received a knife.  I loved it!  I actually used it and carried it!  What a novel concept, right.

Now, flash forward to the present and as the owner of DLT Trading I cannot tell you how many times a week we hear back from customers how their wedding party, attendants, etc absolutely loved their engraved knife.  I think back to that knife I received years ago (more years than I care to remember now that I think of it) and think how much I liked it and how useful it was.  Now add custom engraving to that knife and you have a gift that is not only practical and useful as a groomsmen’s gift but is also going mark the occasion for years going forward.  The members of the wedding party will always remember your special day when they pull out their engraved knife from your wedding.   Now, I ask – is there a better gift for a man than an engraved knife?

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