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As our inaugural blog post I wanted to talk about the core values that drive DLT Trading and myself personally and how they relate to you, our customer.  When asked to talk about the driving forces behind DLT Trading, it was an easy conversation to have and one which required little thought to articulate:  FAMILY.  It is the driving force which guides my actions and therefore the philosophies of DLT Trading.

In my (far too rare) free time you will almost always find me in the outdoors or recreating with family.  I am a boring kind of guy, as I don’t lead a fancy or extravagant lifestyle and am more than content with simple pleasures brought about from time spent with those I love.  Work too has revolved around family for as long as I can remember.  Starting at age 12 I began working in my parents’ business alongside my brother and while developing a strong work ethic. I also gained a respect for the hard work I saw my Dad and Mom put in and the sacrifices they made that allowed my brother and I to always have more than they ever did.  Later in life I worked alongside my parents as they helped during the formative years of DLT Trading and in the evenings and on weekends my Dad and I farmed mainly out of love for our land and the time we got to spend together.  A large part of me really misses those 18 hour days working alongside my Dad who up into his late 60s could outwork men half his age.  It was hard work with long hours, but I have to confess I really miss it because of the time I got to spend working alongside my Dad.

My parents were some of the hardest working people I have ever met and they instilled that work ethic in me to work harder than I have to so that I can provide for my family and make sure they never have to go without.  With a young son and step-daughter, Tara and I both need to work hard to provide for our family.  We are not rich by any monetary standards, but are truly rich beyond our wildest dreams in relationships with God, family and friends.

You might ask – how does all this relate to DLT Trading?  It sounds cliché but it is so true that our customers are really our DLT “family”.  We are a small, family run company.  Our son was not more than a couple of months old when he came into work with Tara to help with year-end inventory.  This small company based in a small Midwestern community keeps us grounded and able to forge close, long-term friendships with many of our customers.  These friendships and a strong repeat customer base have formed the “DLT Family”.  This customer centric way of doing business is the cornerstone value of The DLT Difference.   Our overriding values dictate that we treat you like a member of our family.  We want to be your long-term dealer of choice when it is time to buy high quality knives and cutlery like Benchmade, Bark River, Zero Tolerance and the like.  This long-term mindset means we aren’t interested in turn and burn deals  or “crazy Eddie” deals that others may offer.  It is not something we are good at and really not how we want to do business.


I think it is easy to see how a family oriented focus in my personal life easily transfers to a family centric vision at DLT Trading.  If you already are a long term member of our family – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  If you are new to DLT or have just heard about our uncompromising service on one of the numerous forums or social media, we welcome you to experience the DLT Difference for yourself and become a member of our family.


  • Sean Sanborn

    I’m glad to know you and do business with you Jason. While I’m sure there are lots of great companies out there, you have shown time and time again that your business ethics are exactly what everyone (with common sense) is looking for. Thank you!

  • Michael

    I have purchased from your company in the past and will continue to do so. Everything I’ve read about you has been positive. The products and service I have received from you have been excellent. The lady who called me about one order a while back could not have been more friendly, professional, and helpful. She asked me if she could send me another knife other than the exact one I had ordered because it had what she thought was a small defect. The knife she sent me is just perfect. I was completely surprised by the unexpected phone call – extraordinary customer service. Thanks.

  • @HogWylder

    You will not find a better knife shop than this one, especially online! I have purchased many of this Gentleman’s products and have always been treated very, VERY fairly! He not only offers one of the best selections of knives, sharpening products, axes, etc but he also has the BEST customer service that you will find! Everyone that works for this man is very knowledgeable, friendly and eager to help! I have purchased from many other well known online dealers but once I found DLT, I have never bought from anyone else. I have no need, he sells everything that I use & prefer in the way of sharp tools. His shipping is also very prompt and well packaged. If you ever have a problem, just give them a call, they will fix any problem that you have!

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