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First look at Zoe Crist Knives – Saluda, Fire Creek, & Santa Fe

These are the first three models in Zoe Crist’s production line. There are three different blade designs, but all share the same handle design. The handle is very comfortable, allowing for a full purchase in the hand. Each includes an ambidextrous leather belt sheath.

Lon Humphrey Brute de Forge Kephart

Lon Humphrey has done it again with his take on the classic Kephart design. These knives are available in a saber and Scandi ground versions, with several different handle options to choose from. Lon’s signature forging marks cover the blade to give this knife a mix of old school craftsmanship and new age technology. They are made from 1095 carbon steel and include a leather belt sheath.

Benchmade 551-1 Griptilian – Now with G-10 Scales

A look at the Benchmade 551-1 Griptilian. This is a new version of the standard Griptilian. It has a gray G-10 handle with blue G-10 liners, and blue anodized barrel spacers. The blade also received an upgrade to CPM 20CV stainless steel. If the base versions plastic handles was a turn off for you, this is the knife that you need to look at.

Rick Hinderer XM-18 3.5″ with Inside information on getting yours first

This is a brief overview on the Hinderer XM-18 3.5″ flipper. I also show you how to signup to be the first to know about new shipments, and how to be notified when a knife is re-stocked. These two simple tricks will help you be the first to act on any new arrival.

Bark River Bravo Series Comparison

A side by side comparison of the Bark River Gunny, Bravo 1, Bravo 1.25, Bravo 1.5, Bravo 2, and Bravo 3. We quickly go over the specs of all of the knives and what steels each are available in.
This video is not intended to be a review, rather a visual size comparison between the models.

Ambush Alpha Gen 2 Handle Changes

We go over the differences between the first generation Ambush Alpha versus the Ambush Alpha Gen 2.

Ambush Alpha Kydex Sheath Options

We cover the many different options that are available for the Ambush Alpha knife. The sheath is able to mount two different sized pouches; firesteel holders; or a large Tek-Lok. The pouches allow an easy way to include a fire starting kit, fire tinder, a second knife, or just about anything else you may need while on the trail or camping.

Microtech DOC Flipper Overview

A brief overview of the Microtech DOC flipper. How it fits in the hand, the action, and thoughts on the knife.

Zero Tolerance 0452CF Overview

Overview of the Zero Tolerance 0452CF. Showing the specs and features of this excellent EDC flipper from ZT.